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About us


Southern Automotive is owned and operated by Bill and Susan Parham, in McDonough, GA. where they have been a member of the business community for 20 years and are totally dedicated to preserving and building high performance Ford engines.

Bill's "love affair" with Ford engines began in 1959 as a teenager helping build flat head Ford engines in the shop of "Speedy Morlock" in Macon, GA. By the age of 17, Bill was "top dog" at the local strip with his '37 Ford and it's 290 HP flat head engine.

As a freshman at Georgia Tech in 1963, Bill became acquainted with the first 427 engines which were to become his passion. After graduating from Georgia tech, he drag raced 427s for a few years. By 1987 Bill was not only building high performance engines for friends but also to maintain a schedule of oval track racing for himself.

Throughout the years Bill collected literally hundreds of Ford engines and cars which now comprise one of our nation's largest individual collections. His keen interest in the 427 Ford engine has made him somewhat of an authority and willing advisor to all other enthusiasts stricken with the need for power and speed.

Around 1989 a lifetime infatuation with the Ford engine evolved into a business whose roots are lovingly referred to as "a hobby out of control". With the addition of qualified staff, and his wife Susan joining in the company's management, Southern Automotive now produces a wide variety of high performance Ford engines.

We specialize in 390, 406, 427 and 428 models, but, we also build 289, 302, 351 (both Windsor and Cleveland models) engines. Our precision built engines will earn you top results at either a "show and shine" or "on track" event at the next "Run n' Gun".

Our facility is specially geared to engine and transmission work. Our plant contains a complete automotive machine shop, extensive parts room, engine shops and the transmission rebuild shop. We do, however, maintain an auto showroom and often display new turnkey or pre-owned Cobras* for sale.

Whether you need a complete engine, parts or just advice, call Southern Automotive first!