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With over 250 years combined experience, our staff of machinists and engine builders can offer the highest quality available for rebuilding and enhancing the performance of your carís engine.  Our on-site machine shop will disassemble your existing engine, clean and inspect all components and then custom rebuild and restore your engine to your desired specifications.  Southern Automotive can take your ď tired 302" and turn it into a monster 354 cubic inches with a horsepower of 405 plus. 

While having your engine rebuilt, why not consider adding many of our engine options to improve its performance and enhance the overall appearance.  These additions will not only add to the value of your car but return tremendous dividends when it comes to bragging rights and show results.

All of our products will be built to standards and specifications that we feel appropriate and whereby we can offer our standard  limited warranty. No custom jobs shall be quoted that do not meet this criteria.

We have many years experience in race engines and high performance car power train components. We offer you our best advice for a given performance and use that you outline for us. We do our best to provide you with a quality product that will meet your needs. Absolute racing engines (as stated purpose) have NO warranty. If you race, you have a self warranty.

* Cobra is a registered trademark of the Ford Motor is not connected with Ford.

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