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406 - 427 - 428 ENGINE OPTION LIST

The following accessories are available as additions or substitutions to the base engine package and cost. To purchase items separately,

Contact Southern Automotive for pricing and availability.


1Blow Proof Bellhousing & Block Plate$395.00
2MSD High Performance Electronic Distributor$295.00
3Aluminum Block Adapter for Remote Oil Filter & Cooler Lines $75.00
4427 Badges for Pent Roof Valve Covers (installed (per pair)$60.00
5Original Ford Surge Tank - Black Epoxy Paint$350.00
6Aluminum Roller Rocker Arms$295.00
7Edelbrock Aluminum Cylinder Heads - 406 & 428 Only$1,000.00
8CNC  Cylinder Head Porting$600.00
9Crankshaft Windage Tray$95.00
10Aluminum Fly Wheel$450.00
11Turkey Pan - Polished & Installed$425.00
12Stellings Chrome Air Cleaner (Exactly as Original)$90.00
13Special K & N Hi-Flow Washable Filter Element For  Stellings Air Cleaner$50.00
14Cobra* Lettered Aluminum Oval Air Cleaner With Element$195.00
15MSD 6AL Electronic Ignition Kit - Includes:  Ignition Box With Built-in Rev Limiter, MSD Blaster  Coil and Original Ford Coil Bracket$360.00
16Authentic Replication 427 Main Cap Cross Bolts (406 & 428 blocks)$95.00
17Fuel Line Kit-Single 4 Barrel Carb-Includes: Stainless Steel Fuel Lines, Fuel Log,  Hoses & Fittings (Exactly as Original)$195.00
18Edelbrock Aluminum High Volume Water Pump  $195.00
19Billet Aluminum Water Pump & Crankshaft Pulleys & Silver Powder Coated Alternator Brackets      $225.00
20427 Stroker-454 Cubic Inches - Uses 428 Crankshaft $750.00
21427 Stroker-484 Cubic Inches-Includes: 4.250" Stroke Cast Steel Crankshaft, H-Beam Competition Connecting Rods, Custom Pistons, Edelbrock Victor FE Single Plane Intake Manifold CNC Ported to Match Heads, Holley 850 CFM Double Pumper Carb & Larger Camshaft (Requires Edelbrock Aluminum Heads)  $2,000.00
22Aviaid Oil Pan (Exactly as Original) $495.00
23Rear Cover Plate for Intake Manifold with 45 Degree Nipple To Connect To Puke Tank (exactly as original)$69.00
24Competition Rocker Arm Assembly-Includes: Billet Rocker Arm Shafts, Aluminum Roller Rockers, Aluminum Spacers and End Stands$795.00
25Aluminum Remote Oil Filter Adapter (Exactly as Original) $120.00
26Steel Bracket & Hardware For Mounting Remote Oil Filter To Water Pump (As Original)$60.00
27New Pond Aluminum Side Oiler Block - Upgrade to 427 S/O Base Price$2,500.00
28Clutch Arm Kit-Small Spline-Includes: Clutch Arm, Pivot Throw Out Bearing$120.00
29Clutch Arm Kit-Large Spline- Includes: Clutch Arm, Pivot & Throw Out Bearing$225.00
30Clutch Slave Cylinder Kit-Includes: Slave Cylinder, Bracket To Mount Cylinder To Block, Adjustable Clutch Rod and 10" Braided Steel Flex Line$155.00
31Hydraulic Throw Out Bearing$395.00
32Aluminum Adapter for Tremec Transmission to Ford FE Bellhousing $210.00
33High Torque Mini Starter$395.00
34Motor Mounts/Pair$40.00
35Custom Show Polish Package:  Cylinder Heads, Intake Manifold, Timing Cover, Water Pump, Remote Oil Filter and Chrome Alternator - All Treated With Zoop Seal Protectant Before Assembly$1,395.00
36Chrome Alternator - One Wire - 65 Amp$125.00
37Crating Engine for Truck Shipment (Includes Materials & Labor)$175.00