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Standard Specifications

Standard Specifications
for All Southern Automotive Engines

We have been offering our customers complete turnkey engines for over twelve years. All our engines utilize all new internal parts/components and receive a three month limited warranty. We also will custom rebuild your existing engine if you so desire.

Even though we specialize in 390, 406, 427 and 428 models, we do also pride ourselves on our 351C, 351W, 289, 302 and 347 engines which are all precision built so we can promise you top results at either a weekend "show & shine" or a full competition "Run n' Gun" event.

Although each engine is built one-at-a-time to your specifications, all Southern Automotive engines receive the minimum following 45 processing details:

  • vatted
  • magnafluxed
  • pressure tested
  • drilled and tapped for proper oil restrictors
  • deburred inside & out
  • align honed
  • deck squared
  • bored & honed with torque plate
  • 390, 406, 428 oiling systems are modified to 427 top oiler specifications


  • vatted
  • magnafluxed
  • checked for straightness
  • deburred
  • shot peened
  • resized
  • new A.R.P. rod bolts installed
  • new wrist pin bushings installed


  • vatted
  • magnafluxed
  • checked for straightness
  • deburred
  • regrind rod & main journals (if necessary)
  • polish all bearing surfaces
  • chamfer oil holes


  • vatted
  • magnafluxed
  • pressure tested
  • deburred
  • new valve guides installed
  • machined for valve stem seals
  • hard exhaust valve seats installed for unleaded fuel usage
  • three angle competition valve job
  • surfaced on intake, exhaust and combustion chamber side
  • port & polish in bowls, ports & combustion chambers
  • heads and intake manifold port matched
  • fitted with stainless steel swirl type polished valves


  • pistons fly cut for proper valve clearance (if necessary)
  • all rotating parts precision balanced
  • cam degreed
  • all parts carefully fitted & assembled to Ford specifications (blueprinted)
  • valves adjusted
  • ignition timed
  • filled with Valvoline Racing Oil
  • oil primed
  • test run
Fully assembled all engines have the following accessories installed and are test run:
  • water pump
  • water pump pulley
  • harmonic balancer
  • crankshaft pulley
  • belt
  • alternator brackets
  • alternator
  • distributor
  • plug wires
  • spark plugs
  • valve covers
  • timing cover
  • fuel pump (high volume)
  • fuel line
  • carburetor
  • pilot bearing
  • flywheel
  • clutch disk
  • pressure plate
  • bell housing
  • starter
  • Canton racing oil pan
  • valley splash pan




Southern Automotive recognizes the pride our customers take in restoring and owning high performance, special interest cars.  Therefore, our engines receive very special attention to detailing and enhancing the appearance of our products.   

Block preparation begins with removing all excess castings, cleaning,& vatting and painting with quality high temperature engine enamel.  Plug wires are custom cut and fitted to accommodate your specific ignition system.  In general, every effort is made to provide our customers with a product as near to original as possible with show quality detailing. 


To insure quality and performance, each engine is test run for approximately two hours before shipping. During this time the cam is run in, the valves are adjusted twice, the carburetor is adjusted and jetted and the ignition is timed.  All systems are checked to be sure that there are no water or oil leaks under running conditions.  When you receive your engine, it is ready to drop in, push the button and GO!


All engines are shipped with an Owners Manual which provides complete information regarding oil changes, timing specifications, valve adjustments and proper oil filter and oil cooler installation.  In addition, our staff is available on a daily basis to answer any questions you may have regarding the performance of your engine.  Customers convenient to our facility are invited to stop by our shop for “hands on” help.